"This testimonial is a testimonial of over three decades of working with the Crockett Myers family throughout my accounting infancy and my business ventures. They have always been there as a stalwart and provided the catalyst and confidence to support the drive and zany ideas that have turned myself and family into the success that we could not have had without their unwavering patience, guidance and perpetual support. We are forever grateful and indebted to our very lucky lifelong business and personal relationship that has grown as a family as if we are one big family. They have many additional services they offer and provide to allow for a complete package and seamless operation I have ever seen. We thank God for the luck of finding Crockett Myers over 30 years ago and have always known we were one of the lucky ones."

Stanley E. Smentkowski | President of Advanced Elevator Corporation

Advanced Elevator, Lothian, MD


"I am a cradle florist who has a business degree and thought I new most all I needed to know in the floral industry. When I meet Derrick for the first time he impressed me with his knowledge and how confident he was that he could educate me on ways to increase my bottom line. I accepted his challenge and hired on Crockett and Myers for my accounting needs 2 years ago. I have been exceedingly happy with my decision and look forward to my quarterly meetings to discuss all the numbers. Derrick showed me different ways to look at my business and opened up my mind as a progressive florist should. I am proud to say I work hard to reach 3 and 4 star reviews. Crockett and Myers is a true florist partner who has helped me streamline my business and produces my financials in a timely fashion."


Four Seasons Flowers, San Diego, CA


“Crockett Myers has been an invaluable partner for me in helping me understand not only my financial health, but also the landscape of the floral industry. The ideas that I have received from one-on-one consultations has steered my company to more and more profitability. Although I am on the other side of the country their great customer service makes me feel like they are right next door. I would highly recommend them.”

Will Gross

Flowers to Go, Washington


“The Floral Industry can be very complex. After 36 years of being in the business, it can be difficult dealing with very vague financials from an accountant not familiar with the Industry. The last 4 years of working with Crockett/Myers has helped us tremendously. They provide us with very detailed, clear and concise, financials that will help you recognize exactly what you need to do in these turbulent times.”

Steve Huth Jr.

Steve's Flowers, Greenwood, IN