Floral Accounting


Our unique accounting & consulting services empower shop owners like you in identifying areas of concern, provide insights on how to shift concerns into profits and put your business on the path to continued success for years to come.  CMA understands your challenges, weather creating budgets, determining cost of goods targets and pricing models, analyzing delivery and wire service business, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing cost. With a long-standing reputation within the industry, Crockett Myers & Associates partners with top floral organizations and numerous floral associations across the country to help navigate the business issues unique to the industry and to offer relief to struggling florist.

We start by obtaining information from your shop and reformatting it into our floral analysis software.  Our floral analysis software is a comprehensive software system designed to help you better manage the main cost centers of your retail flower business—labor, cost of goods, occupancy, delivery, wire service and marketing.  The dynamic report helps identify major target points in each cost center and it helps florist understand what their targets should be and where they are in relationship to those targets.  In turn, our hands on experience can guide you through fixing and adjusting problems areas to get that lost revenue back and then we’ll show you ways to make extra money.  We do this with our florist every quarter.

In addition to our quarterly meetings, our floral accounting services include tax planning and corporate tax filing, financial planning for executive officers, we prepare timely & accurate financial statements every month.  All our services point in the direction of your success- what ever you may define it as.  Let us show you why florist trust us and how Crockett Myers participates in the floral community.  Our initial consultation is always free of charge, just fill out a form or give us a call.


"Crockett Myers has been an invaluable partner for me in helping me understand not only my financial health, but also the landscape of the floral industry. The ideas that I have received from one-on-one consultations has steered my company to more and more profitability. Although I am on the other side of the country their great customer service makes me feel like they are right next door. I would highly recommend them."

Will Gross

Flowers to Go, Washington