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All too often a client’s whole focus is on keeping business profits as low as possible, in order to reduce taxes, not realizing that this policy may limit the amount of money that they can contribute to their pension plan, reduce the employee benefits available to them, impair their ability to borrow money, buy a new house or just refinance a mortgage. It is our job at CMA to provide a balanced strategy to reduce taxes while still taking advantage of other money making/saving options.

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While building long-term relationships, we gather a great deal of information, and get to know our clients, as well as their business and personal goals and objectives. Armed with this information we are uniquely poised to recommend strategies that help our clients achieve their dreams.

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CMA works with florists all over the country, helping them become more profitable.  Our experience in the floral industry over the last 30 years has perfected our floral analysis software and consulting services.  Florists of all sizes benefit from our floral analysis which dives into six main segments of your business; cost of goods, delivery, wire service, labor, occupancy, and marketing.  Our analysis identifies which areas need to be fine-tuned to squeeze more profit out.  As a result, some of our shops have the highest profit margins in the industry! Let us help you get better control of your business and expenses.  We have the experience, tools and industry support to help you.


We know that your dealership, auto body shop or service station’s success is dependent on long-term strategic planning and good management of day-to-day operations.  We recognize the diverse nature in the automotive industry involving vehicle sales, parts and service sales, dealer incentives, warranties, and financing among others.  We have the tax planning, accounting and bookkeeping experience to help you succeed and thrive.


From traditional brick and mortar service and retail shops to dot com storefronts, or both, our firm identifies where you are loosing profits and uncovers hidden treasures.  We understand the dynamics in a multi-store/multi-state situation, and the seasonal nature of the business and its impact on cash flow and inventory.  Among the strategies we employ are point-of-sale accounting and inventory management systems; establishing cash controls, and the procedures needed to monitor and protect against fraud.


We understand the complexity of these industries and tailor our services to your specific needs; especially in accounting and compliance. Working side by side, we focus on maximizing your profitability and maintaining a competitive advantage. You can rely on us for assistance in cost reduction and accounting, inventory tracking, profit and budget analysis, cash flow management, multi-state tax filings, business planning and investment decisions, incentive compensation plans, and compilations.


Our experience with life sciences and emerging technologies has given us a solid foundation to work with clients in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, eco-friendly, and other related businesses within the industry.  CMA understands the challenges faced in these unique industries.  Whether securing sufficient capital to grow your company, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs, taking your product to market, or meeting increased tax & regulatory compliance.  From established entities to start-up companies, our firm can help you with every stage of your company.


In working with clients in the construction industry, we emphasize the importance of recordkeeping and accounting. We’ll help you design an effective work-in-process accounting system that facilitates proper handling of percentage of completion, create and execute processes and procedures to analyze jobs, handle change orders, track job profitability; while keeping consistent and accurate books.  Our staff will examine your taxes to find overlooked or under-utilized credits and incentives. In addition, we are knowledgeable about the various insurance risks inherent in this industry, as well as strategies to help safeguard against them.


Didn’t see an industry listed?  Don’t be discouraged.  We have an extensive list of clients in a range of industries.  We welcome all clients who are looking to rely on a quality firm with fast, accurate, and responsive personnel.  Contact us for additional information.

Struggling to Survive:
The Disappearance of The Flower Store

This article was brought to our attention today – we wanted to pass it on to anyone interested in the floral industry.

Watchmultimillionaire Marcus Lemonis take on the flower industry in all-new episode of The Profit, on CNBC Prime on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Struggling to Survive:
The Disappearance of The Flower Store

Derrick had the privilege of speaking at the Florists For Change 2013 National Conference in Las Vegas this past week.

You can find Derrick in Hot Springs, Arkansas, from the 15th through the 18th of August, speaking at the Arkansas Florists Association annual convention.  There he will discuss “Building Your “A” Team” .