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What we do for businesses

Karla Glass on July 13, 2013 No Comments

We prepare financial statements and prepare you to evaluate & understand the financial results. Working with accurate, timely and reliable financial statements is absolutely critical for the success of your business. Our financial statement preparation is a process of understanding the basics to your product or service, your record keeping systems, and your internal controls. We feel most passionate about increasing your financial literacy and helping your profits grow. It’s what we do best.

This is how we do it: we invest time in seeking a basic understanding of your business accounting theory and practices. Our financial accounting team helps you identify issues, eliminate fraud, & take the appropriate course of action for your organization. Similarly, we illustrate how the lack of specific internal controls takes away from your bottom line. We help you consider problems from various functional perspectives while keeping your financial capacity and goals in mind.

In short, we enable you with the right tools (accurate financial statements) and foster a simple & easy understanding of how to use them when making everyday decisions for your business. We provide you with current news and updates on taxes and legislation relevant to your business. . It’s what we’ve been doing for over thirty years and it’s been rewarding for our clients and us alike. We invite you to contact us for our full range of business services and explore the CMA difference.